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Property Accounting & Reporting

Financial Summary and Reporting

Regular financial summaries are provided monthly or as required by the client. We track your financials and reports to you monthly through our secure, automated web-based accounting systems. With our detailed financial reporting tools, you’re always a few clicks away from checking-in on your investment.

Reports include but are not limited to:

  • Cash Flow
  • Cash Flow for any 12-month period
  • Cash Flow Comparison where Owner wants to compare portfolio performance

In addition, Expense and Income Reporting as well as work requested are available and provided monthly.

Accounting, Online Portal and Payments

Owner statements are published monthly and available for viewing, downloading 24/7 through the Owner portal. Rental proceeds payments are directly deposited in the owner’s account under normal circumstances by the 10th of the month depending on availability. Late rental payments can cause owner distribution to be delayed.

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