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Agent Referral

One of the ways PURE Property Management has grown has been by providing exceptional and affordable property management services to the Las Vegas real estate community and to the clients of other real estate professionals. Agents know their clients needs will be taken care of by the professionals at PURE Property Management and that their client relationship will be respected. Please read on to learn some of the benefits of working with our company.

  1. We will make you look good

    We have been providing professional property management services in Southern Nevada since 1991. Our full time customer service staff strives to make sure your customers are satisfied. Our preferred vendors provide affordable repairs and maintenance upkeep to protect the customer's investment from falling into disrepair.
  2. You do the selling, we will do the leasing and management

    Many sales agents do not want to or just are not setup to provide all the services required to lease and manage the property.  You can do what you do best and spend your time selling and listing homes and let us coordinate the repairs, find and screen tenants.  Maybe you have a listing or know an property owner who can't afford to have a vacant home for a longer period of time. Refer them to PURE Property Management to market the property for lease while you market the property for sale. Should the property sell, the management agreement with PURE will be terminated. If the property is leased before it is sold then the agent receives a referral fee from PURE and knows when the client is ready to place the property back on the sale market, the referring agent will receive a call from PURE.  We are not your competitor.
  3. We pay referral fees

    Are you selling to investors? Do you have a property you know won't sell or know about a property owner who simply "can't afford" to sell?  If you answered yes to any of these questions we can help and you can earn a referral fee provided that you are a licensed real estate agent. More important is that when the market condition improves and the referred client is ready to place the property back on the market, you will be contacted by PURE. We are not your competitor.
  4. We buy management accounts

    Tired of property management altogether and want to get out of the business?  We can help and are always interested in expanding our operation.  We have bought out other companies in the past and can make the transition effortless.  Please contact George W Trombley at to set up a confidential meeting.

Disclaimer: Referral fees will only be paid to licensed agents.
PURE reserves the right to amend the details of this offer prior to written agreement.

We'd Like to Get Your Feedback!

At PURE Property Management, we strive to make every interaction a five star experience. We would love to receive any feedback from the service you have received from us. Please select the button below that best describes your experience with us.