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Results Guarantee

Only pay when we provide results - Fees charged to incoming rent.

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    You don’t get charged until we produce. When we lease a property for you, we do all the work up front and don’t charge until we get a qualified tenant and they move into your property. That means aggressive marketing and showing of your property along with screening the tenants, executing leases, moving in the tenant and documenting the condition of the property with digital pictures and / or video.

money back Guarantee

Try us out for 90 days and if you are not 100% satisfied, we will cancel your contract and return all the management fees we collected.

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    If you hire us and are unhappy with our services within the first 90 days of our agreement and terminate our services, the agreement will be canceled and all management fees collected during they first 90 days will be refunded. The funds will be delivered to you at the same time as the reserve funds are which can take up to 45 days after termination to allow all bills incurred while under management to be paid.

21 day Guarantee

We will lease your property in 21 days or less or we will waive the first two months of management fees.

  • qualifications, limitations & restrictions +

    If we can’t find a quality tenant for your home in 21 days, the first two months of our management fee will be FREE. The following conditions apply.

    • Blackbird Realty and Management, Inc. (BRMI) will set the marketed rental price which will match the market rate analysis provided.
    • The home must be vacant.
    • Property must allow approved pets (maximum of 2, BRMI Animal Restrictions Apply).
    • The home must be rent ready which means clean and ready as per our standards for immediate occupancy.
    • Unique property circumstances could mean additional restrictions.

    Note: We understand that the last thing you want is to have your property vacant for 30, 60 or 90 days and hope to ease the time vacant by choosing the right price for the home. Run the guarantee by our competition.

Leasing Fee Guarantee

You will never pay 2 leasing fees in the same 12 month period.

  • qualifications, limitations & restrictions +

    We will certify that you will never pay 2 leasing fees in any 12 month period. Even if the tenant is in the military and receives orders and the lease is terminated earlier than 12 months, we will not charge another fee if the home becomes vacant during the initial 12 months. No kidding around, we love our military members and our clients who lease to them.

Easy Switch Guarantee

We will take care of all the work involved with switching to our company from another property management company.

  • qualifications, limitations & restrictions +

    If you decide to change management companies from another property management company, we will waive our management fees up to 90 days to ease the financial burden that may be caused from having to pay management fees or an early termination fee to the previous property manager. Just show us your statement from the previous manager.

Management Fee Guarantee

If you can find a lower management fee to manage your property in writing, we will match it.

  • qualifications, limitations & restrictions +

    If you can provide us with a written quote from another licensed property management firm, we will match their pricing provided that the other firm does not charge fees in addition to their base management fees for equal services. The match guarantee must be provided before a management agreement is executed. Examples of ancillary fees charged to offset a lower management are, but not limited to the following fees. 7% management fee but a 75% to 100% leasing fee, Initial Setup Fee, Initial Acceptance Fee, End of Lease Inspection Fee, Lease Renewal Inspection Fee, Utility Management Fee, Home Improvements Projects Fee, Charges for handling a repair, Home Warranty Fee Admin Fee, Insurance Claim Oversight Fee.

monthly contract Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love our services we will not lock you into a long term contract with large cancellation fees. Exit any time with just 30 days notice.

  • qualifications, limitations & restrictions +

    You will have the right to terminate our services at anytime with just 30-days notice without any termination fees.

rental proceeds Guarantee

Rental proceeds will be processed and distributed by the 10th business day of the month or that month’s management fees are FREE.

  • qualifications, limitations & restrictions +

    If your tenant pays their lease rental payment in full on or before the 3rd of the month in which it is due, we will process and distribute those funds to you by the 10th business day of the month or you will receive a credit equal to that month’s management fee. Processing is defined as releasing the funds to the Federal Reserve Bank for distribution into your bank account via an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction.

Rent Loss Protection

When we start the eviction, on the same day we serve the 7 Day Notice to Quit, we can send you funds for the Rental Amount from the Security Deposit to cover expenses for that month.

  • qualifications, limitations & restrictions +

    When we start the eviction process and serve the 7-Day Notice to Pay or Quit and the tenant fails to respond and answers in Court, you may choose to have us send you funds (up to 1 month’s rent) to cover expenses you may have for that month (ie, mortgage payment). This money will come from the tenant’s security deposit and decrease the amount of money on hand to fix the property after the eviction is completed. (Limitations: Security Deposit must equal or exceed the funds requested).

Response Guarantee

If we do not respond to you (any communication) by the end of the next business day, that month’s management fee is FREE.

  • qualifications, limitations & restrictions +

    The Broker and Property Managers at Blackbird Realty and Management, Inc. strive to be readily available and respond quickly to our clients. If at anytime we fail to respond to any Owner by the end of the next business day, the Owner will receive a credit to their account equal to 1 month’s management fee and the offending property manager will be bullwhipped by the Broker. (Just making sure you have read this far).

Vendor Guarantee

All vendor who do work on your property will be licensed State contractors and will be properly insured for your protection.

  • qualifications, limitations & restrictions +

    All vendors hired by BRMI to work on any managed property will be licensed by the State of Nevada Contractor’s Board and vetted and required to have Worker’s Compensation insurance and General Liability insurance with an endorsement that states their insurance is primary and owner and management’s insurance is secondary and non-contributing.

property code compliance guarantee

Your home will always remain up to the property code with Locks and Smoke Alarms or we will pay to have it brought up to code.

  • qualifications, limitations & restrictions +

    Our management of the property requires bi-annual inspections by a licensed home inspector who test smoke alarms, door locking devices, visually inspects garage overhead doors for stress cracks and proper auto reversing, water heaters for proper ventilation and water leaks throughout the home and report any discrepancies. Any items outside the code are documented and brought into compliance with any State or Federal code. If at anytime during our management of the property, a code violation is discovered by Code Enforcement personnel, BRMI will pay any fine associated with the violation and correct the discrepancy up to $500. Repairs to items discovered during the bi-annual inspection will be handled as routine maintenance and Owner will receive a copy of the inspection report and any work requests generated.

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