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Leasing Services and Renewals

We provide leasing services for any Owner that wants to self-manage his or her property and keep track of when those leases would need to be renewed.

For any owner not self-managing, we also offer to evaluate the market 60 days prior to lease renewal and adjust the rent price based on market conditions and owner desires, as part of our property management services.

What you can expect with Blackbird Realty’s leasing services:

  • Move in and Move out walk through inspections are documented on video
  • We prepare the comprehensive lease documents and coordinate the lease signing
  • We collect a deposit ahead of time to hold the property and collect the first month’s rent at the time of signing.
  • Re-key and change the codes for the property in between tenants
  • Schedule and manage property assessments and walkthroughs before and after a move-in and move-out
  • Provide tenant with new keys and Portal Access
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