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Maintenance & Inspections

We hire licensed and insured people to clean, paint or make repairs when necessary and answer phone calls from residents 24/7 and handle emergencies. Any work needed will be done by a licensed contractor. Blackbird Realty has vetted all the contractors normally needed for repairs at your property and have proof of general liability as well as worker’s compensation insurance for any contractor used.

We are licensed property managers and do not perform any maintenance. We leave that to the experts. Resident safety and satisfaction are a priority.

Standard Maintenance Before/During Occupancy

  • Every property that we manage has to be maintained. If it's in the house at move-in, it's going to be maintained.
  • When we take over a property, we're going to have someone inspect it.
  • When a resident moves into a property, it has to be pest-free. That's part of the state law. We're going to get a pest control company look at the property because they are the ones that are qualified to tell us it's got a pest problem. It's going to happen between residents and it's going to happen before we put a resident into a newly acquired property.
  • When a new resident moves into the house, the locks need to be rekeyed when that resident moves in. It's done for resident security and it's done to limit your liability.
  • If the property has a pool, we're going to want our pool vendor to service it. We know the capability of our pool vendor. In addition to any of the typical pools, we'll want to have a shepherd's crook and a pool skimmer at the property.
  • The air conditioning and ventilation system of the house are essential systems. They need to be maintained. We're going to have our air conditioning person look at it twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Watch the Video
  • Water heaters should be installed in a Smitty pan and have a drain. The water heater has to be up to code. It has to have earthquake straps.

Essentially, everything that's in the house needs to be up to code. Whenever we prepare a house for lease, we use state-licensed contractors. It's actually required by the statute. All of the contractors that we use are required to carry general liability insurance and workers' comp insurance.

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Property Inspections

Early detection of water leaks, HVAC, or pest control problems can save hundreds of dollars.

  • Property inspections are performed by licensed inspectors once a year to determine if any problems exist, usually after a resident has resided in the property for 6 months.
  • Photographs document the condition at the time of the inspection.
  • In addition, walk through evaluations are accomplished at lease renewal.

Note: Property Managers are not allowed to perform “inspections” unless licensed as a Property Inspector, so any observations at the property and more of a property management evaluation which requires no license.

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