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We will actively work with you to get the property leased to another qualified tenant.

The EARLY TERMINATION involves having Blackbird Realty and Management, Inc. find you a replacement tenant and reducing your liability. We have successfully completed Early Lease Terminations for many of our residents.

When done properly, exercising the Early Termination ‘Option’ of the lease agreement is an excellent way to end a lease agreement early. You will released from your contractual liability provided all the terms and conditions set forth below are satisfied:

  1. The Re-let fee (termination fee) – This fee is 100% of a full month’s rent, paid at time early lease termination is requested.
  2. Provide the property manager the date – that the home will be vacated and ready for the new residents to move in. This date is very important in our marketing efforts and to inform potential residents when the home is going to be available.
  3. Assist with all showings – If you remain in the property while we find a new tenant, it is in your best interest to cooperate with all of the showing appointments to facilitate attracting a new applicant. Allowing the home to be shown whenever requested and making the home look as nice as possible will aid in renting the home quickly.
    Please communicate with our property manager to determine the rental rate: Do not assume that your present rental rate will be the same as that offered to the replacement tenant.
  4. Monthly rent – You are still responsible for paying rent in full at the beginning of each month until a new tenant commences their lease on the property. If a new tenant occupies the property mid-month, your rent payment for that month will be pro-rated back to you based on the commencement date of the new lease agreement.
  5. Utilities – You are responsible for keeping utilities on in your name until a new tenant commences their lease term.
  6. Yard Care – If your lease states you are responsible for yard care then you are still required to maintain the yard up until the new tenant commences their lease.
  7. Cleaning – you are still responsible for cleaning until the new residents take possession of the property. Often times vacant properties will still need cleaned due to showing traffic, dust, dead bugs, etc.
  8. No Subletting – If you know someone interested in leasing the property please have them contact the office to apply.
  9. Replacement tenant must, at landlord’s discretion, be acceptable as a tenant by passing our screening criteria and background checks.
  10. Replacement tenant must sign a new lease agreement with terms not less favorable to landlord than your current lease agreement or otherwise acceptable to landlord.
  11. IMPORTANT: You are responsible for all rent payments, utilities, yard maintenance, cleaning, upkeep of the home and all other obligations under your lease agreement up to nd until the day the lease agreement starts with the approved incoming tenant. Be sure to leave all utilities on until the new tenants move in.

Security Deposit –Cannot legally be used as rent.

All of the same standards apply in cleanliness and condition of the property as indicated in your lease agreement. Any necessary move out charges for cleaning or damage will still apply.

The deposit refund will be determined once the property has been re-rented and the new tenants have started paying rent and all your obligations under the lease agreement have been fulfilled. Blackbird Realty and Management, Inc. has 30 days, if all rent has been paid in full, to return your security deposit, minus any deductions per the lease agreement.

Provided the above terms and conditions are met and the home is turned over in good condition, your existing lease will be terminated early and all deposits will be refunded in accordance with the lease agreement. Your contractual obligation will be considered fulfilled and reported as such by Blackbird Realty and Management, Inc., to any inquiring party.