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Welcome to the PURE Property Management tenant services. If you are looking for a home to rent, we invite you to browse our Prospective Residents menu to view available rental properties in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and the surrounding areas When you find a property you like, you can easily print a rental application to fill out and return to our office. If you are a Current Resident, you can conveniently log on to your tenant account, pay rent online, or complete a 30 day notice.


View Our Available Rentals

If you are looking for a Las Vegas area rental home, we invite you to browse through our list of available rentals. You'll be able to view them on a map, read through a description, and see some photos to easily find your next home.

Get Answers to Your Questions

We've found that many of our prospective residents have similar questions. We want to make it easy for you to get them answered. Browse the answers to these most frequent questions.


Rent is Due on the First

Las Vegas landlords are not required to give their tenants a grace period when it comes to rent collection. To clear up any confusion for tenants: your rent is due on the first of every month. It is considered late any day thereafter. There is no grace period in the state of Nevada. What that means is, if you haven’t paid your rent on the first of the month, your landlord has the legal right to serve you with a Five Day Notice to Pay or Quit as early as the second of the month.

Assessing Late Fees

At PURE Property Management, if you are a tenant of ours and you pay your rent by the fifth of the month, we will forgo charging you any late fees. That’s just a courtesy that we provide to our tenants. But, if you have not paid the rent after the fifth of the month, late charges will apply, and the cost of any eviction service will be added to the amount that you owe. So, on the sixth day of the month if I don’t have your rent, we will add a $5% fee based on the periodic rent to your account, and that balance will be due immediately. Additionally, you won’t have the opportunity to pay the rent online. Instead, you will have to bring the payment to our office and give it to us directly.


Log on to Your Tenant Account

We provide up-to-date online statements to our current residents. Log on to your tenant account to view your current and past statements, see the related documents, and to submit an online work request.

Submit Maintenance Request

Log on to your tenant account to submit an online work request.

Pay Your Rent Online

For our current tenants, you can conveniently pay your rent online and even set up AutoPay, which will deduct your rent payment on a monthly basis so you'll never have to pay another late fee. You may also pay rent at any 7-11 or Ace Cash Express.

Get Credit For Your On-Time Rent

With the resident benefit package we will report to all three credit bureaus which will actually end up on the credit report and not experian's rentbureau

Submit a 30-Day Notice

Complete the 30-Day Notice online and the watch our video for helpful and informative information regarding moving out of your rental property.

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Late Rental Payments

Rental Criteria

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