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How to Hire a Tenant Screening Service: Everything You Need to Know

How to Hire a Tenant Screening Service: Everything You Need to Know

Were you aware that around 36% of the population in America is made up of renters?

With so many people moving each year, people who own rental properties see lots of tenants come and go. If you've been feeling like the quality of your renters hasn't been the greatest, then your tenant screening process could use some work. Lots of rental property owners have turned to professional services to get the job done.

Do you want to hire a tenant screening service? Keep reading to learn how you can narrow down your options for screening services and find the best company.

Read Reviews of Other People's Tenant Screening Experiences

One of the most helpful tools that you can use to weed out unreliable tenant screening companies is online reviews. Instead of taking a gamble on a new company, you can learn from other rental property owners.

If any tenant screening companies have lots of praise from people in your industry, then you can feel better about moving forward with them.

Figure Out How Much Each Business Charges

Comparing screening costs is another important step since every rental property owner has their own unique budget. The last thing you'd want to do is cut too much into your profits.

Some tenant screening services will charge a flat fee while others will ask for a small percentage of your overall earnings. Take some time to review your options so you can go with the company that offers you the greatest value.

Ask About Their Tenant Screening Process

You need to verify that the tenant screening company that you choose has a much more sophisticated and effective process than you do. These businesses should invest in the finest tenant screening software and cover bases that you might not have even considered.

If they aren't transparent about their process, then you should take your money elsewhere to protect your business.

Make Sure That They Follow the Law

There are all kinds of federal and state laws that help keep housing accessible. One of the most noteworthy laws is the Fair Housing Act.

If you want to stay out of legal trouble, then the tenant screening company that you hire needs to be compliant with local and national laws.

See If They Offer Other Valuable Services

Taking tenant screening off your plate can make your job a whole lot easier, but why stop there? There are lots of property management services that make it possible to collect your paychecks without doing any extra work.

It never hurts to ask if a tenant screening company offers any other useful services.

Now You Know How to Hire a Tenant Screening Service

You deserve to hire a tenant screening service that you can trust. Following these steps will ensure your success.

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